What to believe!?

21 Feb

When we explore, because we are open to possibilities, the many different paradigms of belief out there, we begin to wonder just what can of worms we have opened. The internet is alive with religious philosophy, new age gurus, conspiracy theories, space programmes, alien interactions, angels, other dimensions etc, etc, etc – and all providing their various forms of convincing proofs and arguments. In order to protect us we are required to support or oppose literally thousands of beliefs, theories, opinions and ‘truths’ .

We all love a good mystery. We all enjoy our ‘who dunnits.’ We all love the real life mysteries we hear about; pyramids, the Bermuda triangle, ancient texts and so on. We are becoming more open to considering such things as channelling, clairvoyance, the occult, alien interaction, inter-dimensional travel, metaphysics, telepathy and all of the connections with traditional religions.

I have been immersed in an uncountable variety of ‘stuff’ in an effort to understand where my fellow humans are ‘being’.

A good proportion of us want to exist as we are, as we’ve always been, doing what we’ve always done. We choose to close our senses and established thinking to any of it. Any new idea or philosophy or paradigm is met with vehement, single-minded disapproval or it is totally ignored. We maintain our castles or accept our servility believing in our power or powerlessness. Fear does this to us.

A significant lot of others among us, desire our lot to change, but see no other way than to struggle and suffer in war or lifelong battles for rights or supremacy. Judgement does this.

Some of us are ‘waking up’ – but to what? How do we decide what is the truth? It is valid to seek justice. This just is truth -applied through love. So yes, let’s solve the mysteries, expose the secrets – but let’s do it for love of the highest good, not from a desire for revenge or fear of power.

Here’s my take on it.

It is all valid. It is all truth. What we believe, think and feel reflects as our existence. We attempt to achieve the things we desire from one of two places – a place of love or a place abSINt of love. It does not matter what our passion is – what cause, what desire, what dream – what matters is from where they arise.  If we act from a place of fear, we create more fear. If we act from a place of hate, we create more hate. If we act from a place of anger, we create more anger. If we act from a place of self pity we get more self pity. The place we create from is a place of emotional energy. And whether we believe other beings on other planets are involved or not, our consciousness affects all and it is as individuals that we contribute to that consciousness.

We can tell people what to think or believe as convincingly as we like but no one can tell another human being how to feel about what they are experiencing in their lives. If we come from a place of love, though, we can stand with others’ suffering with compassion. We can forgive those who despise, hate and judge, even as we stand up to them and stop the behaviours their feelings incite.

Sin is an emotion which we act on. Our desire might be to create peace but if it is driven by fear and hatred towards an enemy, the peace won will be illusory and fear and hate will continue to rule.

So – we can seek forgiveness through unconditional love – that is, we give forward into love those energies of judgement, anger, hate, outrage, fear – sin- that we feel towards ourselves and towards others. Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude become automatic attributes of such a shift. It requires consistency of effort to keep our hearts open and allowing, but it is something we can strive to do for the highest good.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to expand our hearts and allow the love of our soul and higher self to fill the ‘absinces’ within us and subsequently transform our collective consciousness. In this state we can create solutions to the problems that we face to attain our dreams.


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