How does Human ‘Being’ work?

22 Feb

There are numerous pathways to understanding how we operate and exist in the world. Each of us develops our own understanding of ‘humanity’ based on our experience of the world and our interpretation of it. This model is one that interprets my understanding – not right or wrong but it serves me for now.


Closed and contracted heart                                   Open and expanding heart

In the centre – the soul –universal intelligence, perfect unconditional love, that jewel which is ‘God within’.

The band around the ‘soul’ is our ‘inner child’ – subconscious mind, harbourer of core feelings, beliefs and of memory. Protector of the soul.

The 2nd band is our conscious self – our conscious thoughts, words and actions/reactions.

The 3rd is our superconscious mind. It has the ability to communicate with us and ‘God’ within (Soul) and ‘God’ without ( All one consciousness of unconditional love) via the heart.

The Heart – Contains us. It defines us. It reflects our personality, our ego, depending on our level of communication with it – how we speak and listen. It can expand or contract according to our conscious and subconscious will – our being.

Some people call for the ‘death’ of the ego. This metaphor troubled me until I understood that death is merely transition from one state of energy to another. We can bring about that change before physical death, which is also merely a transformation of our energy.

For most people, we feel the heart swell when experiencing wonder, beauty, love – we feel it clench and harden against people whose actions affect others negatively or when we cannot allow another’s views.

If our being was in ‘love’ all the time it would mean our heart was expanded to encompass all. We would not experience the change because we are in that state of communication all the time. Our reactionary, judgemental ego would have transitioned into that state of grace permanently. That is Heaven! Most of us, however, achieve this only temporarily.

When we consciously apply judgement to our experiences it is because our heart is listening to our call to protect the soul – the essence of who we are – but if we are not communicating with our highest consciousness we are bereft of love, because we have imprisoned the soul and shut off communication with ‘God’ inside AND outside. That is Hell.

The subconscious mind holds memory – it holds memory of times when our hearts were expanded and also of times when we closed in for protection. When we see that it is beneficial to us to forgive – to expand our heart – that memory can sabotage us!

Only when we recognise that the inner child, like any child, needs affirming, recognising and loving can we hope to ask it to take the risk to change. Otherwise it will behave like a spoilt, bad-tempered brat.

But let’s love the child, encourage its curiosity and desire to grow and learn and it will delight us with its enthusiasm to listen and learn. Let’s not shut it down by consciously judging life experience. For it was that child stubbornly protecting and defending ‘we’ that shut love from that experience in the first place – we are judging ourselves!

That is where in the first instance we must forgive – give forward to love – our conscious self for indirectly judging our baby! This not only frees our inner child and conscious self from pain and guilt and allow communication through the heart but it leaves space for the ‘experience’ to be free to explore its(their) own salvation. ‘Love your enemies’ – forgive. That is, forgive  judgements that our enemies are free to forgive theirs.

Compassion – standing with others – even when it is to protect rights they are violating – can allow this.

Whatever you have decided serves you will be the right thing for you in the moment and if this thinking does not sit well with you then it may, instead, help you consolidate what you have, or even facilitate more questioning.

I would appreciate your comments and thoughts – and your questions of me – offered please, with the highest good for all in mind.


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