Who are your enemies?

3 Oct

Jesus said to love your enemies.
They are only enemies because of our fear and the stories we associate with them. These include our fear (judgement) of ideas, doctrines, individual people, their choices and actions, our own choices and actions (guilt – or pride – or self-righteousness), beliefs, governments, illnesses etc. – all enemies because our fear is the result of our withdrawal of love – not a rejection of it, for it is our core and our source – but a holding of it within our hearts so tightly it can’t get out except where we allow it subject to our rules and conditions. It is always there. It is the ‘precious within’ and we protect it fiercely with our walls of pain. Sometimes those walls are so hard and so thick we lose sight of what it is we believe we are shielding from that very pain. We come to define ourselves by the pain. We forget that which we truly are.
When we open our hearts to allow unconditional love into our being, it recognises and merges with love everywhere. We realise we are One.
If we can open our hearts to the unconditional love of Source within, we can observe dispassionately our ‘enemies’ and the emotion and pain we carry ‘because of them!’ It is that emotion and pain and the conscious thoughts, actions and words we make in reaction to them, that manifests our environment and our existence and creates our stories – not the ‘enemy’ itself. As long as we consciously react to the subconscious mind of our ‘pain body’, ‘inner child’, ‘son/daughter of Adam/Man’, ‘Human Condition’ or whatever you wish to call it, with judgement, anger, hatred, comparison etc., we will continue to manifest more of the same old, same old.
So pray, meditate – take yourself to that place within your heart where love is unconditional. Embrace your ‘humanness’, your ‘inner child’ and shower them with gratitude for their attempt to protect you, shower them with love for simply being, with compassion and understanding for the choices they have made. Ask them to give forward into the love that you are, (forgive) your choice to enable those choices with your conscious thoughts and actions, which were UNconscious of the situation – UNconscious of the true nature of Love.
Your inner child must learn to trust you and you must become worthy of that trust – that you are working from the heart. When your human child feels safe and loved without reservation, you can ask them to join you in seeking guidance from your high consciousness, the ‘Lord of your Being’, that part of you which is the ‘Mind of God’. Only through this union of self love can we connect and be inspired (In spirit), to serve Love and the highest good of all creation. Only in this place of unconditional love can true miracles of transformation occur.
Fine philosophy. Inspiring? Impossible?
So we look at our situations and wonder if it is not selfish to ask for healing, or financial independence or the most loving relationship. A lot of stuff out there lures us with ‘secrets’ to success, the achievement of our dreams and so forth. We try some of it and find our situation deteriorating, perhaps. We don’t deserve that. We are good people. We see some achieving that which we desire. Why not all?
Our real time, real life observations and thoughts can sabotage us. ‘Get real! Don’t be lazy! Work harder! Harden up! Accept your lot! Handle the jandal! Be positive! There’s worse off than you! Don’t be greedy! You asked for it! People will never change!I can’t.
Our fault!
Love does none of that. Love stands with us always and when we ‘get it’, the creation and its energies work for us as we work for it.
There is nothing right or wrong about desiring money, good health, positive relationships – but nothing will change in our lives if we do what we’ve always done. And death – the ultimate transformation, is inevitable. We do not know exactly when or how. So in being conscious of who we are, in each moment, as often as we can, death will never sneak up on us unprepared. And it is nothing to fear. We are being vessels of love in each moment, in this dimension and in others. If we are doing what we love to serve Love we can be sure we will be taken care of. We will be peaceful and happy.
The ego – our human being- will transform in this life if we work from our hearts, not our heads. When it is heart first, our heads will follow. If we have dreams which utilise our passions and strengths, heart first will lead us and let them manifest. Sometimes the ultimate transformation (death) comes when we don’t expect it. Be easy. It is all about LOVE and serving the highest good. Our dreams will live on. We will continue. Death can come at any moment and we are ready.
So ‘love the lord thy God with all your heart. And Love your neighbour as yourself.’ This cannot be achieved when we hold feelings of resentment, entitlement, guilt, judgement, anger, horror, fear. It cannot be achieved if we do not recognise and acknowledge our own divinity and connection with all – and theirs. And it cannot be pretended. From the open heart we can love those feelings to death – that is transform them to gratitude, compassion, excitement, passion, joy, hope, allowing, positivity, forgiveness and unconditional love in every moment. We can take on work which employs our strengths and passions to give love to the creation, through compassion and with gratitude, with the true knowledge that it will deliver us from pain and bring balance, peace and harmony to our lives.


Being Conscious of our Blessings.

24 Sep


Many of the questions we ask ourselves, others and our personal versions of God come from our desire to find meaning in our lives. Why suffering? Why prejudice? Why judgement? Why some and not others?

These questions often come from a perception that we, or others, have failed in some way. We have this image in our minds about what things ‘should’ look like and when they don’t, we ask them from a place of despair and longing.

As long as we do this the answers we receive involve such things as sacrifice, suffering, martyrdom and/or their creation via control, elimination and taking power from those we identify as the causes of our problems. These ‘answers’ manifest in many ways at many levels.

I was once advised to count my blessings as a way to begin understanding life and its struggles. When I received this advice I was somewhat resentful of what I felt was a judgement or assumption that I didn’t already do this! After all, I had noticed that others were without shelter or food where I was well fed and comfortable. I knew how fortunate I was to be raised with love in a country outside of a warzone. I was aware of my blessings – wasn’t I?

However, I could certainly see there was much in my life I counted as burdens. So I began to consciously ‘count my blessings’.

As time progressed I began to see that ‘blessings’ in people’s lives were relevant, and things I took for granted – to smell a flower, for example, were a rare and coveted joy for some people in whose ravaged environments a flower was rarely seen let alone available to smell. What I began to understand was that blessings are available to All.

Our blessings are symbols of unconditional love which come into our lives when our hearts are open. We do not go and get them. To compare blessings, to hold our own as being more fortunate or luckier or to feel privileged and to feel guilty about it, or prideful of it, is to devalue the symbol. To feel   ‘hard done by’ when we believe others don’t deserve their blessings and ours are worth less – or more – is to miss the point completely. It is to devalue Unconditional Love itself!

What we are tempted to do is equate a blessing with getting something we think we want whereas a blessing is recognition of something we already have! The more we see and count the more our hearts open to the divinity within us and the more we feel gratitude, love and compassion. This brings more awareness of more blessings.  This is why some who seemingly ‘have it all’ are miserable, fearful, miserly and controlling, while others, even in the midst of trials, are positive, optimistic and inspiring. Alternatively, some who ‘have it all’ are generous and expansive while some ‘have nots’ are angry and poisonous.

When we ‘want’ (as in covet) something, we are focussed on not having it. Then when we ‘get’ it, whether by fair means or foul, we are focussed on keeping it. It becomes the millstone around our neck. (We didn’t ‘get it’ at all!) If we didn’t get what we were after, we blame or judge our ‘innate evil’, others or karma or the devil or anything other than take responsibility for turning a blind eye to the blessing we actually are.

We do not need to ‘go and get’, or ‘fight’ for what we want if what we want is to share our blessings. We simply build our list of blessings as they arise in our minds and our dreams are given to us. We are inspired by the blessing of ideas which come to us and take forward action. If a decision we make seems disastrous we count it as a blessing of lesson and step forward with plan B. To count blessings is to feel gratitude for everything that shows up in our lives and use it as inspiration to step forward into our dream. It is only our fear which might stop us taking that action. So love that, too. Count that as the blessing that allows us to understand what Love does NOT feel like. Embrace it and it will transform into courage and then into joy. Knowing this brings gratitude for the blessing of fear. Fancy that!

(The biggest fear many of us face is death. We do all possible to avoid contemplating it and when it stares us in the face we turn away. Count this too. Death is the reason we know life. Egoistic beliefs and fears are what allow us to know our blessings. Love them – to death! ‘Death has no sting’. It merely heralds a transformation of energy. So IS the death of egoistic beliefs.)


5 Sep

Many wars, laws and punishments are about executing ‘justice’. These actions relate directly to peoples’ judgements about right and wrong and their core beliefs.
Justice Just Is Truth applied through Love. Any action we take to stop a behaviour that has denied others the right to free choice (and I believe this is the only justification for intervention in another’s freedom) needs to come from, and be surrounded by, love and compassion.
When justice is applied through hatred, vengeance, anger, lies, ‘snot’ – then the energies used in promoting the change are no different to those employed in committing the crime. There is little possibility of change.
Consequences need to surround a person with the energies of love – forgiveness and compassion – that there is a possibility of them embracing those energies and transformation of spirit taking place.
That is not to say they are absolved of the consequences of their actions. People cannot escape these just because we love them or understand them or forgive them. But they CAN escape the prison imposed by hatred and judgement. Justice is not judgement.
There are many who bring love into our prisons and rehab programmes. Some do transform and can move forward. While we can’t MAKE a person change their belief systems, they will be more open to questioning them if they are surrounded by love, compassion and understanding. We do not fix people – they fix themselves by choosing love.


2 Aug

Snot! (Snot me. Snot us. We are good. They are evil. We will be saved. They won’t.)
I believe that we are collectively responsible for all that we create. And we are personally responsible for our influence on that collective creation. This has not always been so. When I was first introduced to the notion, I was horrified. I felt defensive.
How can I change what has always been? The nature of man? The random appearance of disease? The misery we see in our own and each others’ lives? Hopelessness? Babies suffering? Wars? Earthquakes? Snot my fault, though.  Snot me.
If we believe that the world is full of stuff assailing us, that it all happens from outside of us, we shut ourselves in our little fortresses and throw snot.
Everything gets plastered with it. Snot me, it’s them. It’s him. It’s her. It’s their belief. It’s their choice. Snot me. It’s GOD punishing me. I’m only human. It’s my nature. I can’t help it. It’s the devil. It’s society. It’s the law. It’s injustice…snot me.
We seek to blame someone or something, or else we take it all on ourselves, believing we are bad. And that’s snot our fault either – it’s just how it is!
Some of us choose to accept it as GODS PLAN. Some blame the devil and await GODS deliverance. ( it’s snot my problem, I just have to wear it ‘till I’m saved.)
Some believe and accept that it is our fault and seek deliverance from our sin – it’s snot us who can do that, though. It is out of our hands.
Some believe that it is humanity’s fault – (so snot anything I can do about the nature of humanity!)– pollution, unnatural food, lifestyle, poisonous medicines, greed, conspiracy, corruption etc. and take steps to create a happy and healthy environment for ourselves in our own little walled in corner of the world. Some invite others in to experience our joy, to be prideful, maybe, and incite jealousy. Others of us are very exclusive, inviting only those who have created similar fortresses. And there are those who leave their doors open, available to any who choose to knock.
And many of us seize life to serve ourselves. We use and abuse, take and plunder with all manner of justification. It works for us because we truly believe in our power over those of us who do not claim their own.
None of us walks through life consciously wishing these things to happen to any of us – except when we judge ourselves or others. In that case, many believe,  people DO deserve it. This is hypocrisy if we believe in unconditional love. So is ‘snot’.
The energies of the universe are available to us all for whatever purpose we wish – hidden from us, perhaps, in a subconscious agenda we are not aware of, or for personal power over others, justified by our sense of superiority, or guilt, or self righteousness, or vengeance, or for the highest good of all! It is all the same to the energies and universal laws that create our world through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are generated by our experience.
It is a vicious – or beautiful – cycle. If those feelings bypass core source/love/GOD – then they manifest without it, according to our wishes, conscious or not.
And so, we wage our war of snot against those of us who choose to behave in ways that impact negatively on ourselves and/or others.
Or we accept blindly our fate and martyr ourselves to the world that assaults us, believing that the ugliness of human-nature is inevitable.
But we can choose to take personal responsibility for life knowing who and what we truly are. When we understand that it is our thoughts and feelings which create our reality we can be so ready (sorry) to give everything forward (forgive) into love.
This is not about being guilty. It is about recognising our ability to observe our thoughts and feelings and respond (responsibility = ability to respond – Dr. Barbara Anne Brennan) to a perceived need to change them. This includes observing behaviours which limit people’s freedom to choose and taking measures to protect that freedom, but with love at the helm it is compassionate intervention, not judgemental, vengeful or punishment driven. The all important thing in anything we think and do is intent.
As Ghandi’s allegedly famous words advise, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. We must be the Light!
(Gandhi did not exactly say that, that quote is paraphrased from a paragraph of one of his 98 volumes; Vol. 13, Ch. 153, page 241 to be exact. It goes like this:
“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”
Answered by The WikiAnswers® Community
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31 Jul

We wear our sorrows like a blanket. Some are able to find comfort and warmth in it, wrapping it around them as they move forward until it becomes an old, worn, favourite garment. At some time it can be restored to the Earth to nurture new growth.
Some cover themselves with it completely and lose sight and direction altogether for a while.
Others hide it away in some cupboard, unused.
Others give it away.
There is no right or wrong in this. We cannot dictate to others what to do with these blankets based on what we have done with ours. For Love to experience itself it must know grief. Only through our loss can this happen.
Much has been written about the stages of grief as if grief is an exam to pass. Those who offer platitudes are only dealing with their own pain in the only way that makes sense in the moment. And when we react to them we are doing the same thing. We compare!

It is a personal experience and all humans must endure its pain in their own way. Love is there to help. It stands with it and honours the pain of it for as long as it takes. This is something we can do for ourselves.

What is the Human Being?

16 Jul

It is the hardest thing in the world to observe people’s behaviours, including our own, without judgement. Depending on our perspective and experience, our judgements, opinions and actions are definitely not going to please all of the people all of the time. I think I would be right in saying that everyone on this planet desires peace and love in their lives. The problem is that for most people, certain conditions apply. There is a price to pay. And many impose those conditions and that price on others. People think they know what is right and what is wrong, and their varying perspectives on these things continue to bring strife to our existence.

Most monotheistic religions while they believe in one god, attribute to that god, human characteristics and emotions. Their one god judges, punishes, incites genocide and condones prejudices while also professing to promote societal values, goodness and love for one another. Polytheistic religions attribute these same polarised characteristics on different gods and goddesses. Atheistic thinking attributes these same qualities to human consciousness. All promote the promise that their particular belief holds the only hope for a solution to ‘the Human Condition’. And when ‘bad or evil’ things happen, it is the devil, or it is the god with negative characteristics, or it is dysfunction of environment, body or brain that causes people to ‘stray’ from their path which gives believers the permission they need to take action against those ‘unfortunates’ who threaten the ideal.

It actually comes down to three choices: The love of power, the fear of power or the empowerment of Love. These are truly the only things each of us as individuals need reflect on – not about others, but within ourselves. Not to judge – but to learn and heal. The decision to do this or not is an individual one and one we can make as a member of the human race no matter the dogmas or beliefs we have held. We must honour the choice, though, for this is how we are able to discern what unconditional love is or isn’t.

Unconditional love is an energy science will never measure. It embraces everything and is within us all except where our judgements and beliefs, born of a love or fear of power, imprison it within our hearts and our consciousness operates outside of it. Only when our hearts expand to allow Love to flow and connect with our higher consciousness can we genuinely feel joy and find the compassion to forgive ourselves and others for thinking and acting in its ab(sin)ce. Only through opening our hearts to love can we be healed of our despair and delivered from our suffering.

It is not about judging thoughts and actions. It is not about guilt. People think and do what they must according to their state of being. It is absolutely about each of us taking responsibility for the state of our own being. We don’t “DO” love, kindness, charity, compassion or forgiveness as a price to pay for being good and collecting the reward. It happens easily and without thought of reward when we are in a state of Love as our being. We don’t go and “GET” true joy, health, peace and prosperity in our lives, though we may be rich or powerful. They are manifested when our being aligns with Love. God is unconditional Love, divine masculine and divine feminine, and we all carry them in our hearts. Namaste.


Vaccination and Freedom of Choice

20 Apr

When it comes to having our core beliefs challenged in any way, we are prone to resistance. After all, we have not come to our position in life without good reason. The decisions we make and the actions we take are the result of hard earned experience and we are loyal to that experience and what it has taught us.

So when we are ‘challenged’ by new ideas about how to solve our problems and about what decisions to make, it is very difficult to look at the options presented to us, dispassionately. Whether it is political, social, medical, environmental, cultural or spiritual – we have come a long way to the stand we now make. When confronted with ‘new’ material, or challenged about our well established beliefs, we are immediately tempted to dig in and defend what we feel is an offensive attack on that which we have come to believe is RIGHT!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been involved with exploring the pros and cons of the stance on the validity of using vaccines. I am very interested in following debate on this issue in order to become more informed. Unfortunately, much of what I read and hear, is less an informed debate than an emotionally driven bun-fight. People – and experts – are so polarised in their thinking and argument that there is very little wiggle-room for any consideration of an opposing view-point. Facts and studies quoted on one ‘side’ are being ‘disproved’ by those on the other. This is where all of the energy is being spent – on discrediting, or outright denying, any credibility anywhere. We ordinary people interested in exploring these alternative views in order to make an informed choice, who must trust the findings of the scientific community, find we don’t know who to believe. No one is coming together with commonalities and asking questions for proper research to clarify any issues. If an issue is unclear then it is ‘wrong’. And if it opposes it is also ‘wrong’, therefore it must also be unclear.

Most of us wish to do no harm. We also wish to uphold freedom of choice – provided that choice does no harm. And here lies the paradox. Those on one side of the debate strongly believe that those who do not take advantage of the ‘miracle of vaccination’ are harming those who do, while those who believe differently think that the others are the ones doing the harm. Both camps believe their stance justifies the removal of choice for the other. And those of us who just want to know facts are given emotionally charged opinions based on selective scientific ‘findings’ we have no hope of verifying for ourselves.

When we understand both sides of an argument and feel we can empathise with people on both sides, we can be seen as hypocritical fence sitters. We have what is called ‘cognitive dissonance’ which is stress created by being unable to make up our minds and make a decision when the old paradigms are challenged. Often we make it easier on ourselves by going with what we’ve always done, or agreeing with our friends. And we find ourselves in ‘defense’ mode.

Me? I would love to see a series of properly run global public debates by adherents of both arguments and any questions of research being undertaken by independent laboratories and analysts who have no conflict of interest whatsoever, transparently presenting results and conclusions with no advantage gained in the outcome. Let us rally for ‘Truth’ rather than ‘Right or Wrong’ – they are only an opinion – or a judgement!

The question of the freedom to choose has to be paramount. If it comes down to groups of people being denied their right to choose, there must be no doubt whatsoever that their choice would do harm and the other does not. Until then, there is far too much unresolved controversy to allow the law to mandate vaccination for all based on the great wriggling pile of judgemental worms on which both camps are trying to stand. I believe that this is the possibility we must do our utmost to avoid.

There is no doubt that vaccinations can eliminate diseases – but is there a price? Some would say so. They need a fair hearing and we need to know.