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The Nature of Our Being

4 Feb

Everything we DO and everything we UNDERGO, that happens to us, is a reflection of our BEING. Our BEING takes action in reaction to other actions. These spirals of both positive and negative decisions and consequences are reflections of our BEING.
Our DOING – that is our emotions/feelings; our thoughts/desires; our actions/inactions/reactions/ decisions (and all of their consequences) – and our BEING –that is our personality/ nature/ character/ ego – are directly related. We cannot DO something unless we ARE something. And we cannot BE something unless we DO something.
So what constitutes our BEING which then dictates our DOING?
At the time I write this I am drawn to the idea that we are THREE beings in one. (The Human Being.) There is our Superconscious being, our Subconscious being and our Conscious being. The majority of us are unconscious of the first two beings in our ‘reality’. Some of us are unconscious of all and operate from a subconscious agenda, perhaps in tandem with the Superconscious, perhaps not, reflecting in our actions. Increasingly now, more professional people and even some scientists are recognising a ‘superconscious’ element in human consciousness.
I am assuming that my reader is open minded enough to accept this as a possibility – that our BEING is a reflection of all three beings within, as far as we allow them to integrate. And there is the catch. Even if we are conscious of all three aspects of our BEING, we may not necessarily have integrated them – in fact it is very unlikely that we have, given the current state of UNconsciousness that humanity is in. ( It has improved , though. I am able to present these ideas in a public forum and be fairly confident I will not be lynched and burned at a stake! I count this as a great blessing.)
Many ‘new age’ philosophies and teachings are giving full attention to the subconscious mind – targeting the ego. This, I feel, has validity in the fact that it is the Ego that drives our BEiING and therefore the consequences (sufferings, undergoings, STORIES) of our ACTIONS (thoughts, feelings, decisions), but there seems to be a conscious belief that it is the ego that is to blame for our ‘troubles’! (to put an Irish euphemism to it!) I know I have been enticed by this idea – that it is not really ME who is the cause of my suffering. This is because I have bought into the belief that it is someone, or something’s FAULT!
However, is this trend to desire disempowerment or destruction of our egos, not yet another target (to replace, or supplement ‘the Devil’? Or ‘The Human Condition’? Or ‘Karma’? Or ‘The Users in our Life’? Or the ‘Greedy’? Or the ‘Conspirators’? Or the ‘Lovers of Power’? Or ‘Our Childhood Experiences’? Or our ‘Ancestral Experiences’? The’Sins of the Fathers”? Our birthright?(caste, place in the hierarchy)) as something for us to blame? Surely our Ego belongs to US and its attributes are OUR responsibility. The DOING in our life belongs to our BEING. It is who we are. Responsibility need not equate with blame! But how often do we become DEFENSIVE when it is suggested that we are responsible for what happens to us? We feel JUDGED. We feel OFFENDED. We feel ABUSED. This is because we have been taught so, and so we have taught our Subconscious Being to believe we are worthy of judgement. This is what we have taught our poor Ego to do! To believe we are unworthy! So of course in its defence, it either believes that IT is unworthy, or that someone/something else is! I have called this SNOT –‘snot me!’
Our subconscious ego does not need to be blamed for our ‘troubles’. Neither do we, the Conscious. However, operating in a vibration of frustration, self pity, anger, hatred or blame can never achieve true contact with the vibration of love, no matter how much we say we have it. This is what drives the Ego to behave like a 2 year old! We must consciously strive to raise our vibratory frequency towards the ideal of Unconditional Love on the positive end of the continuum of ‘feelings’ and away from its complete abSince at the other.
Our children need recognition, support and understanding in their quest for independence. They will become dysfunctional if they do not receive these things and one other vitally important element – LOVE – from their parents, wider family, and community. Our Inner Child – our Ego – is no different. Many of our teachers call for the ‘death’ or ‘dissolving’ of the Ego. While to my mind this is a call for transformation, many equate death and dissolving to a ‘disappearing’. If our intention is to ‘get rid of’ our ego we are telling our child within that they are not wanted. A perfect recipe for dysfunction – for getting what we DON”T want.
I much prefer ‘inner being’ as a title for our subconscious self. It will grow and mature with a high level of function and self confidence if we love and nurture it as we would a broken or damaged creature, or our own precious child. It is our responsibility to introduce it to our ‘higher being’ that it brings the power of love into our integrated being. It is only through our conscious will that this can happen.
If we ignore it, or berate it, despise it, our lives will reflect this through its ‘acting out’ or its apathy in manifesting what we want and its subservience to a fear of power. If we decide to give it a love of power, by giving it permission to ‘deal’ with others and enslave them to our will, we become judgemental, bullying, narcissistic powermongers, or henchmen to them.
It is through our inner being that we access and activate the universal laws. If there is no connection to our higher being in this process, then we manifest our lives in an absence of the power of Love. If we do this consciously, we abuse those powers.
Many, like me, have questioned deeply the beliefs imposed on us by our upbringing and religions. People who are convinced that any who do not embrace their way of ‘doing’ are lost souls, do not truly Love. Whether we connect and integrate with unconditional love through our own Higher Being, or through Jesus, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or any great teacher is irrelevant (to my mind) since all high beings, including our own, give us connection to the Power of Love,(through the mind of ‘God’) providing we have introduced our inner being to them and acknowledged them all, as such.
If we consciously connect to the Higher Consciousness through our Inner Being by acknowledging and nurturing that being with love, we will bring about an ego ‘death’ – that is, a shifting of being along the continuum towards the ideal of ‘Unconditional Love’. Every experience manifested in our lives has the potential to help us achieve the next step on this journey. To be conscious of this process rather than continue on unconsciously, will see a more rapid progress. We begin to find gratitude for our trials and come to rise above them, not because we judge that which has taught us but because we allow the lesson and are grateful for it; we find we have genuine love and compassion for those who brought it to us, including our own Inner Being! We cannot access this genuine feeling of gratitude until we have transitioned ourselves along the continuum of ‘feelings’ enough to attain the vibratory frequencies of ‘being’ there. It begins with forgiveness – a readiness (being sorry – consciously so r(r)eady) to ask to give forward into the love of our Higher Being(s), our feelings arising from being in the vibrational state of the opposite end of the continuum from Unconditional Love. This can only begin when we open our hearts to the possibility that we are indeed responsible for our journey.
If our goals, dreams and visions are imagined and desired with a focus of attention on the feelings that come with NOT having them, we will attract the NOT. We need to connect with our Higher Being to shift that vibratory state of being. Our intent, in desiring to achieve this, must come from a desire to serve and be love and not from a desire to escape our suffering with its feelings of hate, self pity, judgement and anger . This is where our conscious attention needs to BE, that our subconscious attention (inner being) is also there, that the connection with our Higher Being occurs and we find ourselves rising above our suffering and manifesting a life of abundance and joy. In doing what we love to do and loving others as ourselves, we influence the vibration of others in their place on the continuum. We do not have to identify or judge them as being ‘here’ or ‘there’. Our only concern is where we are now on our journey and to make the next step. The rest will follow as consequences of that action, for ourselves and for others.


Spiritual Pride

19 Jan

True story.
Some time ago when I was quite young – 17 or 18 – and trying to make sense of the ‘wrongness’ of things – I opened my Bible with the intention of receiving some kind of affirmation that I was right in the direction that my thinking was taking me.
The page opened and my eyes were drawn to a verse. James 1:2. ‘Count it all joy when you are lead into divers temptations.’
It was the ‘divers temptations’ part that grabbed me and for many years I have remembered the text as a warning – ‘beware divers (various) temptations’ – how strange is that?
Of course Spirit was trying to encourage me to seek the truth of what those temptations and trials were for me.
The trouble is, I interpreted it as avoiding being tempted into behaviours I perceived as being wrong.
It has taken me many years to understand the message which in that moment was for me alone:
‘Hello – there is no right or wrong!’
God is unconditional love and love cannot judge us, or tell us how to think. We have to work it out for ourselves. It was my intention of seeking a spiritual ‘pat on the back’ for being right that allowed my interpretation of the verse to be misunderstood. It was not until I became a truth seeker, rather than a kudos seeker, that I could begin to see what my message truly meant.
The temptation, as applied to me, was about judging myself and others according to my core beliefs about behaviours. So often I have rejected peoples’ teachings when they are evangelistic, for example. Not the teachings as much as the people and their great self pride in being so right!
More to the point, it was about my own perception of what the people I wanted to call friends would think of me associating with the evangelistic ones.
When I got over myself enough to observe me, instead of cringing at others, I was finally able to begin asking the questions needed to begin changing myself.
So many of the teachings I have come across since doing this have lead me to discover that the core temptation we battle is that of pride! The ‘I’ve- got- it- right- and- if- you- don’t- think- as- I- do- then- you’ve- got- it- wrong-you- poor- poor- soul!’ kind of thing.
How often do we observe others’ evangelistic behaviour about their beliefs and judge them. Really, we are looking in a mirror!
All we need to do is observe ourselves by seeing others as mirrors and be joyful that what we see, if we don’t like it, can be changed within us, through love. Conversely, when we look at the mirror named as those we look up to and admire – perhaps it is Jesus if he has been our teacher, or a person like Ghandi – we can recognise and love that which we see as an image of ourselves – not a picture of something separate and unobtainable but a true mirror image of who we are.
When we do this we find ourselves thanking and blessing the ‘mirrors’ in our lives and indeed counting it all joy when faced with divers temptations.
Through them, with the pure intention of seeking truth, we learn about that which we truly are. And one day, if they come to see themselves in us, those who were our mirrors may also change the intent behind their questions.
That is their business, though.
Always, I believe, at the core of all hearts is the unconditional love of Source, even if imprisoned by a protective and fearful ego.
However, I would not like to pretend I have achieved this ( all too often I find myself falling in the same old trap ) but to be aware that we are all one consciousness in the world of polarity and free choice, and all one with Source in the world of spirit, is an important step towards the healing and unification of humanity.

Game of Thrones – Our Engagement with Drama.

8 Jan

I wondered what everyone – well – an awful lot of people – were on about. A friend lent me the first book and after skimming through a few chapters I decided to get an overall picture in a quicker way. I found a very good summary of the first 6 seasons of this popular drama on you tube. (
Power play, intrigue, dysfunction, pain, horror, betrayal and the very fragility of life and its complete unpredictability are real enough in the present. Is it necessary to revisit it all in the name of entertainment?
Perhaps we see such extreme and graphic portrayals of the effects of ‘the Human Condition’ as a reason to be grateful that our lives today do not manifest like this. The fantasy element (dragons, magic and the supernatural) also helps us to avoid seeing the parallels in our own existence, therefore allowing us to distance ourselves from them. This gives the impression for some commentators that we are becoming desensitised to violence and abuse in our own world.
Maybe it is comforting to be able to watch such things from a distance in the security of one’s home or amongst friends and be detached from them – a bit like watching the news. We can participate in all the emotion and drama, make our judgements and argue our positions without actually physically undergoing (suffering) the experience.
Horror movies and ‘reality’ shows, computer games and interactive virtual battles and dramas which people become addicted to, are popular for the same reasons. It’s not ‘real’, so maybe by engaging in this stuff, we can by-pass the reality of life, like any drug allows us to do. For the ‘social’ junkie or ‘occasional’ user it offers a respite (most of us enjoy a good party, a bit of escapism or self indulgence); and for the addicted, a long term or permanent escape is made possible. Or it allows us to justify the behaviours we choose to take power over others in our lives or to be subservient to it.
‘Game of Thrones’ has surpassed all other shows in popularity. It is a global phenomenon. That it is so unpredictable means that there is no clear ending, no ‘happily ever after’; it is a rather elaborate soapie, with fewer than the usual number of characters surviving past half of, never mind an entire, season with no guaranteed future for the few that are still there. Given the perceived unpredictability of world events, the increasing number of disasters, wars and crime, escalating social and political dysfunction and the potential horrors of what might lie ahead it is understandable how people might love it! By engaging emotionally in unreal drama, we can distance ourselves from the real.
Perhaps it does reflect an increasing desire for humanity to distance itself from suffering as a way to escape it; but perhaps equally, it reflects an increased subconscious knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and emotion, so that unconsciously we are able to identify and engage with all of the situations and associated range of positive and negative emotions depicted. This is because at this stage of human evolution, in our collective sub consciousness, we have all ‘been there, done that’! Consciously, however, we continue to be unwilling to accept our role as individuals in the development of the collective position – we step away from that responsibility and in doing so, exclude and separate ourselves from the one human consciousness – the WE aspect of our BEING human. As individuals we pretend we are exempt from the need to receive forgiveness and compassion, while becoming increasingly willing to either give it to (or deny it to) the humanity we recognise in the drama. I see this as positive progress in our collective journey.
So what is the next step?
We can step out of the comfort of our living rooms and into the peaceful and unconditionally loving presence of the moment to observe the world of our making with the same detachment from which we watch soap operas, stage plays or reality shows or engage in interactive games or read our books. Our experience of loving to engage dispassionately in drama is the initial practice we need to take ourselves into the ‘now’, into ‘a state of grace’, into ‘nirvana’, into where we are united with the ‘source of our being’ (God), in which image we are made, to observe, this time without judgement, the stories of our own creation. In this way, more people will understand how writing, directing, acting out, editing and presenting such drama is metaphorical of the illusion of life which we, the human, in our being, create.
We can deliberately make the unconscious conscious. We can take ownership of it all. We can recognise our role as the authors, script writers, producers, editors, actors, managers, publishers and distributors of the books, movies and games we create as our reality without judgement of ourselves or others.
And how do we then transform suffering through taking individual ownership of our collective consciousness?
We rewrite the stories! Knowing they create our reality, we create a new reality. We do this as individuals by examining our own story and accepting that we are its author. We do this knowing we have created and experienced firsthand all that we desire and all that we do not, with the complete cooperation of all the players, who author their own stories – even by employing you as their ghost writer, or by you employing them. We do this knowing that we know what we are talking about because we authored the experiences we needed in order to be able to understand what we do and do not want our lives to be; how grateful we find we become for ALL of it! We can realise our heritage as both sons and daughters of man, and sons and daughters of god.
The more of us do this without asking/allowing/enabling others to do our writing for us, or judging those who are still creating their own learning experiences, the more the collective story of our present reality changes.
In the meantime, if you are curious about what the Game of Thrones is all about, I would definitely recommend a search on you tube. Some of the shorter summaries than the one referenced above, which probably needs to be watched first, are well written, tongue in cheek, hilarious renditions of ‘the story so far’. I would recommend these also to those of you who are heavily involved with the drama of the show. They offer some perspective and a little light relief from the heaviness and darkness of the story’s themes and events.

On Living in the Moment

30 Dec

I am returning to my blog. It’s been a while. I have been re-reading some old material – Tolle and Kabat-Zinn among others- and exploring modern phenomena such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Undead’ and their amazing popularity. For this blog, I will make comment on living in the present as food for thought. You must wait for my take on the other.

In Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, he quotes Shakespeare: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
And it is true. In each moment, things simply ARE. Not until we apply our thinking to them, based on our experiences of the past, and our hopes for the future, do they gain notoriety and reputation of being ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ And these judgements vary according to each individual’s thoughts, so that what is good for one might be bad for another and vice versa. A change in experience, or desire for the future, can also change those thoughts and judgements at any time. In this regard, no person is any different from any other!
In Tolle’s philosophy, the space and freedom of being in the ‘now’, disassociated from all thought, emotion and judgement, is a space of perfect, unconditional love and peace. When we step into life from this space, and we are conscious of it as we move forward, without anticipating anything at all, the perfection of it influences/creates what happens to us as we make our decisions and DO things.
The things that separate each human from another, and therefore from being together in that space of perfection, are not our stories – the ones we have written and the ones we are writing, or those we believe have been written for us (snot my doing) – but from our attachment to them emotionally and subjectively. We tend to write the stories of our lives, past and future, by choosing scenarios and plots based on what we believe is good or bad for us and/or the world at large. We engage fears and judgements, wishes and hopes, in making those decisions in our lives which create the next scene in the play or story. If we do not engage with those and simply make the decision because we observe our life situation dispassionately from this space of peace and tranquillity, we make it based on the acceptance of our situation as it is, so that the consequences unfolding from it will also be created from that space. In this way, even stepping forward from the direst of circumstances can create positive outcomes. Of course, in being in this space, it is not from that desire for positive outcomes that we act. We act because that is what being alive is about. We cannot live in the story of life and DO nothing; even a decision to sit in a situation and do nothing but accept it as it is, is an act of DOING. The greatest paradox of living, really, is that we do not have a choice after all. We MUST make choices! But we can choose from where those choices arise.
So make plans, create lifestyles, have goals, do what you love, support or create a cause – these are choices and decisions we make – but strive not to attach fear or pride or arrogance or judgement to any of it. As we move forward in each moment, taking action in response to life, we are accepting of what happens, knowing we are responsible and allowing the lessons we unconsciously create, being, from that space, grateful for all of it.

Who are your enemies?

3 Oct

Jesus said to love your enemies.
They are only enemies because of our fear and the stories we associate with them. These include our fear (judgement) of ideas, doctrines, individual people, their choices and actions, our own choices and actions (guilt – or pride – or self-righteousness), beliefs, governments, illnesses etc. – all enemies because our fear is the result of our withdrawal of love – not a rejection of it, for it is our core and our source – but a holding of it within our hearts so tightly it can’t get out except where we allow it subject to our rules and conditions. It is always there. It is the ‘precious within’ and we protect it fiercely with our walls of pain. Sometimes those walls are so hard and so thick we lose sight of what it is we believe we are shielding from that very pain. We come to define ourselves by the pain. We forget that which we truly are.
When we open our hearts to allow unconditional love into our being, it recognises and merges with love everywhere. We realise we are One.
If we can open our hearts to the unconditional love of Source within, we can observe dispassionately our ‘enemies’ and the emotion and pain we carry ‘because of them!’ It is that emotion and pain and the conscious thoughts, actions and words we make in reaction to them, that manifests our environment and our existence and creates our stories – not the ‘enemy’ itself. As long as we consciously react to the subconscious mind of our ‘pain body’, ‘inner child’, ‘son/daughter of Adam/Man’, ‘Human Condition’ or whatever you wish to call it, with judgement, anger, hatred, comparison etc., we will continue to manifest more of the same old, same old.
So pray, meditate – take yourself to that place within your heart where love is unconditional. Embrace your ‘humanness’, your ‘inner child’ and shower them with gratitude for their attempt to protect you, shower them with love for simply being, with compassion and understanding for the choices they have made. Ask them to give forward into the love that you are, (forgive) your choice to enable those choices with your conscious thoughts and actions, which were UNconscious of the situation – UNconscious of the true nature of Love.
Your inner child must learn to trust you and you must become worthy of that trust – that you are working from the heart. When your human child feels safe and loved without reservation, you can ask them to join you in seeking guidance from your high consciousness, the ‘Lord of your Being’, that part of you which is the ‘Mind of God’. Only through this union of self love can we connect and be inspired (In spirit), to serve Love and the highest good of all creation. Only in this place of unconditional love can true miracles of transformation occur.
Fine philosophy. Inspiring? Impossible?
So we look at our situations and wonder if it is not selfish to ask for healing, or financial independence or the most loving relationship. A lot of stuff out there lures us with ‘secrets’ to success, the achievement of our dreams and so forth. We try some of it and find our situation deteriorating, perhaps. We don’t deserve that. We are good people. We see some achieving that which we desire. Why not all?
Our real time, real life observations and thoughts can sabotage us. ‘Get real! Don’t be lazy! Work harder! Harden up! Accept your lot! Handle the jandal! Be positive! There’s worse off than you! Don’t be greedy! You asked for it! People will never change!I can’t.
Our fault!
Love does none of that. Love stands with us always and when we ‘get it’, the creation and its energies work for us as we work for it.
There is nothing right or wrong about desiring money, good health, positive relationships – but nothing will change in our lives if we do what we’ve always done. And death – the ultimate transformation, is inevitable. We do not know exactly when or how. So in being conscious of who we are, in each moment, as often as we can, death will never sneak up on us unprepared. And it is nothing to fear. We are being vessels of love in each moment, in this dimension and in others. If we are doing what we love to serve Love we can be sure we will be taken care of. We will be peaceful and happy.
The ego – our human being- will transform in this life if we work from our hearts, not our heads. When it is heart first, our heads will follow. If we have dreams which utilise our passions and strengths, heart first will lead us and let them manifest. Sometimes the ultimate transformation (death) comes when we don’t expect it. Be easy. It is all about LOVE and serving the highest good. Our dreams will live on. We will continue. Death can come at any moment and we are ready.
So ‘love the lord thy God with all your heart. And Love your neighbour as yourself.’ This cannot be achieved when we hold feelings of resentment, entitlement, guilt, judgement, anger, horror, fear. It cannot be achieved if we do not recognise and acknowledge our own divinity and connection with all – and theirs. And it cannot be pretended. From the open heart we can love those feelings to death – that is transform them to gratitude, compassion, excitement, passion, joy, hope, allowing, positivity, forgiveness and unconditional love in every moment. We can take on work which employs our strengths and passions to give love to the creation, through compassion and with gratitude, with the true knowledge that it will deliver us from pain and bring balance, peace and harmony to our lives.

Being Conscious of our Blessings.

24 Sep


Many of the questions we ask ourselves, others and our personal versions of God come from our desire to find meaning in our lives. Why suffering? Why prejudice? Why judgement? Why some and not others?

These questions often come from a perception that we, or others, have failed in some way. We have this image in our minds about what things ‘should’ look like and when they don’t, we ask them from a place of despair and longing.

As long as we do this the answers we receive involve such things as sacrifice, suffering, martyrdom and/or their creation via control, elimination and taking power from those we identify as the causes of our problems. These ‘answers’ manifest in many ways at many levels.

I was once advised to count my blessings as a way to begin understanding life and its struggles. When I received this advice I was somewhat resentful of what I felt was a judgement or assumption that I didn’t already do this! After all, I had noticed that others were without shelter or food where I was well fed and comfortable. I knew how fortunate I was to be raised with love in a country outside of a warzone. I was aware of my blessings – wasn’t I?

However, I could certainly see there was much in my life I counted as burdens. So I began to consciously ‘count my blessings’.

As time progressed I began to see that ‘blessings’ in people’s lives were relevant, and things I took for granted – to smell a flower, for example, were a rare and coveted joy for some people in whose ravaged environments a flower was rarely seen let alone available to smell. What I began to understand was that blessings are available to All.

Our blessings are symbols of unconditional love which come into our lives when our hearts are open. We do not go and get them. To compare blessings, to hold our own as being more fortunate or luckier or to feel privileged and to feel guilty about it, or prideful of it, is to devalue the symbol. To feel   ‘hard done by’ when we believe others don’t deserve their blessings and ours are worth less – or more – is to miss the point completely. It is to devalue Unconditional Love itself!

What we are tempted to do is equate a blessing with getting something we think we want whereas a blessing is recognition of something we already have! The more we see and count the more our hearts open to the divinity within us and the more we feel gratitude, love and compassion. This brings more awareness of more blessings.  This is why some who seemingly ‘have it all’ are miserable, fearful, miserly and controlling, while others, even in the midst of trials, are positive, optimistic and inspiring. Alternatively, some who ‘have it all’ are generous and expansive while some ‘have nots’ are angry and poisonous.

When we ‘want’ (as in covet) something, we are focussed on not having it. Then when we ‘get’ it, whether by fair means or foul, we are focussed on keeping it. It becomes the millstone around our neck. (We didn’t ‘get it’ at all!) If we didn’t get what we were after, we blame or judge our ‘innate evil’, others or karma or the devil or anything other than take responsibility for turning a blind eye to the blessing we actually are.

We do not need to ‘go and get’, or ‘fight’ for what we want if what we want is to share our blessings. We simply build our list of blessings as they arise in our minds and our dreams are given to us. We are inspired by the blessing of ideas which come to us and take forward action. If a decision we make seems disastrous we count it as a blessing of lesson and step forward with plan B. To count blessings is to feel gratitude for everything that shows up in our lives and use it as inspiration to step forward into our dream. It is only our fear which might stop us taking that action. So love that, too. Count that as the blessing that allows us to understand what Love does NOT feel like. Embrace it and it will transform into courage and then into joy. Knowing this brings gratitude for the blessing of fear. Fancy that!

(The biggest fear many of us face is death. We do all possible to avoid contemplating it and when it stares us in the face we turn away. Count this too. Death is the reason we know life. Egoistic beliefs and fears are what allow us to know our blessings. Love them – to death! ‘Death has no sting’. It merely heralds a transformation of energy. So IS the death of egoistic beliefs.)


2 Aug

Snot! (Snot me. Snot us. We are good. They are evil. We will be saved. They won’t.)
I believe that we are collectively responsible for all that we create. And we are personally responsible for our influence on that collective creation. This has not always been so. When I was first introduced to the notion, I was horrified. I felt defensive.
How can I change what has always been? The nature of man? The random appearance of disease? The misery we see in our own and each others’ lives? Hopelessness? Babies suffering? Wars? Earthquakes? Snot my fault, though.  Snot me.
If we believe that the world is full of stuff assailing us, that it all happens from outside of us, we shut ourselves in our little fortresses and throw snot.
Everything gets plastered with it. Snot me, it’s them. It’s him. It’s her. It’s their belief. It’s their choice. Snot me. It’s GOD punishing me. I’m only human. It’s my nature. I can’t help it. It’s the devil. It’s society. It’s the law. It’s injustice…snot me.
We seek to blame someone or something, or else we take it all on ourselves, believing we are bad. And that’s snot our fault either – it’s just how it is!
Some of us choose to accept it as GODS PLAN. Some blame the devil and await GODS deliverance. ( it’s snot my problem, I just have to wear it ‘till I’m saved.)
Some believe and accept that it is our fault and seek deliverance from our sin – it’s snot us who can do that, though. It is out of our hands.
Some believe that it is humanity’s fault – (so snot anything I can do about the nature of humanity!)– pollution, unnatural food, lifestyle, poisonous medicines, greed, conspiracy, corruption etc. and take steps to create a happy and healthy environment for ourselves in our own little walled in corner of the world. Some invite others in to experience our joy, to be prideful, maybe, and incite jealousy. Others of us are very exclusive, inviting only those who have created similar fortresses. And there are those who leave their doors open, available to any who choose to knock.
And many of us seize life to serve ourselves. We use and abuse, take and plunder with all manner of justification. It works for us because we truly believe in our power over those of us who do not claim their own.
None of us walks through life consciously wishing these things to happen to any of us – except when we judge ourselves or others. In that case, many believe,  people DO deserve it. This is hypocrisy if we believe in unconditional love. So is ‘snot’.
The energies of the universe are available to us all for whatever purpose we wish – hidden from us, perhaps, in a subconscious agenda we are not aware of, or for personal power over others, justified by our sense of superiority, or guilt, or self righteousness, or vengeance, or for the highest good of all! It is all the same to the energies and universal laws that create our world through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are generated by our experience.
It is a vicious – or beautiful – cycle. If those feelings bypass core source/love/GOD – then they manifest without it, according to our wishes, conscious or not.
And so, we wage our war of snot against those of us who choose to behave in ways that impact negatively on ourselves and/or others.
Or we accept blindly our fate and martyr ourselves to the world that assaults us, believing that the ugliness of human-nature is inevitable.
But we can choose to take personal responsibility for life knowing who and what we truly are. When we understand that it is our thoughts and feelings which create our reality we can be so ready (sorry) to give everything forward (forgive) into love.
This is not about being guilty. It is about recognising our ability to observe our thoughts and feelings and respond (responsibility = ability to respond – Dr. Barbara Anne Brennan) to a perceived need to change them. This includes observing behaviours which limit people’s freedom to choose and taking measures to protect that freedom, but with love at the helm it is compassionate intervention, not judgemental, vengeful or punishment driven. The all important thing in anything we think and do is intent.
As Ghandi’s allegedly famous words advise, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. We must be the Light!
(Gandhi did not exactly say that, that quote is paraphrased from a paragraph of one of his 98 volumes; Vol. 13, Ch. 153, page 241 to be exact. It goes like this:
“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”
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